Welcome to the Lakewood, CO Branch of AAUW!

AAUW Lakewood Branch presents

March Program
Thursday, March 9, 2017 at

Holy Shepherd Lutheran Church, 9th and Kipling.

Our March Branch meeting continues our look at extraordinary women and this month, we are pleased to introduce Megan Schulze, Society of Women Engineers, Rocky Mountain Section President and Project Manager for Dewberry.

Ms. Schulze holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from California Polytechnical State University and a MS in Management from CSU Global. Megan is also a registered Project Management Professional and served on the Board of Govenors for the CSU system, 2015-16. Ms. Schulze and her organization, The Society of Women Engineers, will present their goals for attracting girls and women into STEM fields, particularly engineering. This meeting promises to be an exciting and interesting look at the world of engineering and STEM fields for women!

Social Time – 6:30 PM, Program at 7:00 PM
Celebrate Women’s History Month with us as we follow leaders who are
making history!

March is Women’s History Month and this month with our emphasis at
our Branch meeting on STEM fields for girls and women, it is particularly meaningful to recall the lives of Mary Jackson, Katherine G. Johnson, and Dorothy Vaughn.These three brilliant African-American women mathematicians and scientists were “The Forgotten women who helped win the space race!”

Their story, as depicted in the movie, “Hidden Figures,” is based on the book of the same name by author Margot Lee Shetterly. The women were all employed as “human computers” for NACA (later NASA) at Langley Research Center, (Virginia), beginning in the 1940s.

Katherine G. Johnson, currently in her late 90s, calculated trajectories for Friendship 7, Apollo 11 and 13 and was personally requested by John Glenn to verify “numbers” before he made his historic flight. Katherine, a child prodigy, persisted through racism and sexism,to become the first woman who co-authored space research reports. Katherine retired from NASA in 1986 after a very distinguished career, resulting in many awards including the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016 and the honor of having the Computational Research Facility at the Langley Research Center renamed the KATHERINE G. JOHNSON COMPUTATIONAL RESEARCH FACILITY in 2017.

Mary Jackson completed her engineering courses while working at NACA, and earned a promotion to engineer in 1958, becoming NASA’s first black female engineer. Dorothy Vaughn became NACA’s (later NASA), first black supervisor and one of the few women supervisors for many years and a well-known expert FORTRAN programmer. Both women coauthored many research projects, particular to their specialties. Like Katherine, they persisted through the problems of segregation and gender bias. Both are deceased after long and distinguished careers.

Their story – formerly unknown and untold to most-  is lovingly and factually portrayed in the movie. They are “rock stars” in the book of scientists in Women’s History!

2017 Meetings are at
Holy Shepherd Lutheran Church
(March 9, April 20, May 21)

All meetings are the second Thursday of the month, EXCEPT April.(Second Thursday interferes with Holy Week so we are meeting the third Thursday of April). 


March 9, 2017 Branch Meeting

April 20, 2017 Branch Meeting

May 21, 2017  Tea/Silent Auction/Fundraiser

Mark your calendars!

About AAUW Lakewood Branch

AAUW Lakewood is almost as old as the city of Lakewood (currently 142,000 citizens). From the start, members embraced the new branch as they developed into leaders and agents of change. Two members became Mayor of Lakewood, two members became Colorado State Senators, and two became Colorado State Representatives.

Adhering to the AAUW mission (AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.) AAUW Lakewood for 33 years raised money to help support the AAUW Funds by successfully organizing our Holiday Home Fair, which grossed $53,000 in six hours at its peak. The branch continues to raise funds in a variety of ways, including its spring plant sale.

Over the years, we have advocated for women and girls in a variety of ways. We worked hard to help pass Title IX and ratify the CO ERA amendment (unfortunately, the ERA amendment failed national ratification). We have followed relevant bills in the Colorado State legislature and lobbied for causes that support our mission. Some of us have trained to teach $tart $mart sessions to college women so they can negotiate more effectively for fair career salaries.

On an international scope, we hosted African educators in our homes as part of a national AAUW program. Also, for several decades we have hosted a Great Decisions discussion group for members and the public.

We have participated in our community in many ways:

  • We continue to provide monthly meals for the Action Center shelter;
  • We raise funds for Second Wind of Metro Denver, a teen suicide prevention organization;
  • We commissioned public art, a lifesize bronze statue sculpted by a member;
  • We have supported Stride, which helps women work toward self sufficiency;
  • We supplied the Action Center with its first computer server;
  • In the past we have mentored young women in high school.

With help through the nationwide AAUW network, Lakewood Branch focuses on educational equality, intellectual growth, individual worth and development opportunities for women and girls.

To relax, as well as build camaraderie, our members play games, indulge in luscious food, and share their favorite or latest thought-provoking books. In addition, diversions are a one-time opportunity to explore the unknown, learn something new, or be entertained.